I've got it to work!!!! Minecraft 1.18.1 Server (mc.laternerd.net)

Change log 14/7/22

  • Complete chat makeover!
    • Old chat New chat
    • Chat is readable now lol
    • User's icons now show next to messages
    • Messages now have a timestamp of when it was sent
    • Chat shows the previous 50 messages and I'm hoping to let users load older messages in the future
  • Added the ability to change username

Change log 8/6/22

  • I finally added chat history
  • Added Account page under user dropdown
  • Now users dont have to enter a username or select a room to use chat
  • Added support of icons and users can Change them whenever they'd like
    • To Change icon go to the dropdown under your username and select account
  • Added a background colour changer

Change log 6/4/22

  • Moved ("" has entered the room) function to another window. This is a temporary thing until user presence is added.
  • Centered Chat area
  • Added favico (tab icon)
  • Added selection window when selecting a room

Change log 31/3/22

  • Changed how user data is saved(Passwords are encrypted)
  • Chat text-box is now readonly
  • Added username & email to signup/login page
  • Added suggestions page